Fatwa#: 26495
Asked Country: United Kingdom

Answered Date: Nov 30,-0001



Dear mufti Ebrahim desai

Aslamu alykum wa rahmatullah hu barakatu.  

I would just to get something clear which is really bugging me. Its a subject where most of the youngster in the UK are in a dilemma about. I'm from a Bangladeshi descent. I'm not sure but I think I follow the deobandi traditions. My friends are barelwi and they say our aqeedah is wrong. For example he mentioned that we believe that Allah can lie. He goes that is a negative attribute. But I said if a non believer ask you if Allah can do everything can he lie. I would reply Allah can do everything but Allah will not lie because it is not befitting for him because he speaks haqq. I finding it difficult to understand the difference in aqeedah. I go to darul uloom masjid and I feel very comfortable in that environment. I like the way deobandi orientated sheikhs and imams present Islam in talks. But could I have the similarity and differences in aqeedah between deobandi,ahle hadith (salafi) and Sufi(barelwi). And are all ahle sunnah wal jammat


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