Fatwa#: 26257
Asked Country: United Arab Emirates

Answered Date: Nov 30,-0001



Assalamu Allaikkum,

Dear Mufti,
I would like to seek your knowledge and advice on a personal matter, My Name is Mohamed Farook Yushri Ahamed.I  got married Three month back to a lady i have been knowing during my university time, but our marriage is not a happy one due to fact my wife had an intention to marry someone else of her choice but she had decided to go ahead with me since her parents had preferred me over her choice. I had asked her several time whether is she happy to go ahead with our marriage which she replied in positive manner.
even after the marriage she still had been contacting her boy friend and things were not good between us. I have informed her parents that she seek divorce from me to marry to her choice, her parents had advised her and asked us to pray during this blessed Ramadan to seeks Allah mercy on us. but my wife had spoken to me several times and she noted that she cant live with me without been feeling love or affection towards me. she wants to be a proper good muslim wife to someone she really loves and she does not want to treat me as a husband just because she feels pity on me or having a feeling of being forced do so. which she thinks she is doing more Sin by faking me of her love and affection when she really does not.
her parents and my parents are having high hope on our marriage and as parents they all happy we got married to each other, but in truth we do not have our happy moments from the first day of marriage, my wife was in a thought that things would be better between us after the marriage where we believe Allah will make us love each other. but unfortunately she cant forget about her lover and right now she need a divorce from me. 
pls advice me on this, your kind advise will be really appreciated.


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