Fatwa#: 31657
Asked Country: United Kingdom

Answered Date: Nov 30,-0001




I would like to start with saying that i have commit a very severe sin, i have cheated on my wife. On the  first occasion i told her about it, she basically told me if i did it again she would break up with me. We have not had a physical relationship for a while and most recently i have cheated on her again to fulfill my sexual desire.

I keep getting sexual thoughts about  other women on a regular basis, and i dont know how to stop. Sometimes i wished my wife was more beutiful like other girls that i see out and about, shopping etc....

We have not been getting a long, And I am at fault with everything. I keep fighting with her on little things. And in all of this I have this wonderful boy who is 3 years old.

I wished any of this did not happen and wish i could reverse all of this. I have performed 2 rakat tawbah and asked for forgiveness and pledge i would not do this act again, but thats what happen last time. What shall i do, how can i tackle this awful disease?

I should be greatful for everything,i am totally lost and need serious guidence and advice on what to do on a regular basis. Can you please help.




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