Fatwa: # 29019
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 30th November -0001



Salaam I am a married woman of 26 years old. I have noticed for a few months now that I bled(spotting) during the middle of my monthly cycle (15 days after my last period) at first I assumed it was the monthly cycle bt it lasted more than my habit and felt nothing like a period in smell or colour also that my normal period would still commence on the right time(which would be 10 days after the mid cycle bleeding). Hence I assume it is istihadha. could you confirm if this is correct please. Also I have searched the internet for answers and come across that it is common for women to bled during ovulation which would mean if I want to bear a child I would have to conceive(intercourse) during these days. Is that permissable? We have been trying to conceive for 3 years now and I was given medication so help ovulate . It was only aafter the medication I have noticed the spotting mid cycle if that is to any help


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