Fatwa#: 26227
Asked Country: Saudi Arabia

Answered Date: Nov 30,-0001



As Salam 'Alaikum,

Mufti sahib,

I am a 19 year old girl living in Toronto, Canada. We are Gujrati, originally from Hathuran, Gujrat, India. I am an 'Alimaah alhamdulillah. My question is that I have done Nikah to a man who is a Sayyid (belong to the noble lineage of Rasoolullah sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) without the knowledge of my father/wali. The circumstances that lead to this were very drastic. My father was approached alot by me and my husband but he wanted me to marry someone of his choice, someone rich and gujrati. I wanted to give preference to deen and lineage. My father doesn't like my husband because he is a Pakistani and secondly financially he is lower than us. My brothers are alim and mufti. My father once said to me if it wasn't sunnah I would never get you married! All of them wanted to force me to marry someone I don't want to. After much istikhara and mashwara with knowledgeable people I took this step and alhamdulillah I did nikah with my husband on Mahr Misl. 

I am very happy being in the nikah of a Sayyid and I love my husband very dearly after Nikah. This nikah was done purely because of deeni reasons without nafs being involved. I do not have any problem with my husband being not rich as us. My father called my inlaws and said my son is mufti and I have cancelled the nikah. We have not consumated our marriage yet. My father has cut all my contact with my husband. I don't know anything about my husband now, where he is, how he is. 

My questions are as follows:

1) Can my father cancel my nikah?

2) My father saying that my son is a mufti and I have cancelled nikah, can my nikah be cancelled like this?

3) Does my father or brothers have the right to stop me from contacting my husband?

Kindly answer my questions at your earliest, its very urgent. I have read various fatwas on the website that nikah without wali's permission shouldn't be done as it creates problems but believe me, marrying with my father's consent to someone of his liking would have been a bigger problem for me for the rest of my life. I want the answer in private not on the website. 

Jazakumullaahu Khairaa

W bholat

Toronto, Canada


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