Fatwa#: 22471
Asked Country: United Kingdom

Answered Date: Nov 30,-0001



السلام عليكم ...I have been married for almost 7 years and have 3 kids with my husband. My husband dosent pray, I have given him advice and tried to help him but he is too stubborn...since we have been married my husband just loves to deal with other women it's like an addiction, he used to lie a lot before but then I started seeing condoms in his pocket, he loves watching naked women on the tv, Internet etc...and not just that he takes cannabis and drinks aswell, he has no nature of Islam...he goes out in the morning comes back when am sleeping, most of the times he just calls me all these nasty things and also accuses me of zina. I have told his family but the response I got from them was as if am the bad person, his mum doesnt see the things he does and she says am too nice, which makes me the bad 1. All I get from anyone is have patience, I think 7 years is enough patience. I just want a divorce but he doesn't want to divorce me and then he tells me think of the kids. Now I can't even stand this man, I feel sick when I see him and discusted. I hate him so much. What can I do please give me advice. And I know if I tell my family or his all they are going to tell me is have patience. I want to get divorced in private and then tell my family after a few months. Do I need to tell my family straight away...and can u please tell me how I seek Khulla. الجاز كال الله


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