Fatwa: # 6689
Category: Ramadan
Country: Pakistan
Date: 18th September 2002


tell me about the basic concepts of Zakat regarding women, should I pay Zakat or not? some people told me that it is not due on unmarried females and some told me it is not due on income of ladies


I am an unmarried female and living with my family and my father is paying Zakat properly every year, But I am educated and also earning for last about one and half year. About first six month my income was not deductible to Zakat but now I am earning as much that where income is deductible to Zakat, So should I pay Zakat which is due on my income or it is not "farz" on me yet? Did Harret Khatija paid Zakat when she was doing her business before getting marry with Holy Prophet ( P.B.U.H )? Please tell me in detail about the basic concepts of Zakat regarding women and also tell me that should I pay Zakat or not? As some people told me that it is not due on unmarried females and some told me it is not due on income of ladies.


There is no difference in the laws of Zakaat between males and female. If
you have surplus wealth equivalent or more than Nisaab (Zakaatable amount),
then Zakaat is compulsory at 2.5% on that amount upon the expiry of one year
on that wealth.

One year will commence from the time you initially acquired the minimum
Nisaab amount. There is no Zakaat on your basic necessities and liabilities.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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