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Date: 20th September 2018


Do Junaid Jamshed’s Nasheed contain Shirk?



As salamo alaikum, Mufti Sahab, I am Zaid from Mumbai (Bombay), India and I really have a serious questions which is about issue of akhirah and kufr, shirk and my questions is 4, this will be really lengthy questions but not bigger than the knowledge of the alim or ulama like you, Alhumdurillah, but I beg u plzz give all the answers of all 4 questions in detail and in depth as it's about matter of someone's akhirah and I really wanna know all this it's a big request, the following Questions are:


Question No.1 - There is famous naat of Junaid Jamshed "Mai Toh Ummati Hu" and we knows he is ex-singer who use to be a popstar but he gave up music later on and joined Tablighi Jamat and he was a Deobandi of Tablighi Jamat who died few years ago in plane crash in tablighi mission and peoples even called him shaheed (martyr) and he is inspired by Maulana Tariq Jameel, but I found the lyrics to be Shirkiya (Polythiestic) and here are the some verses "Mai Toh Ummati Hoon Aye Shah e Umam

Karden Mere Aaqa Ab Nazr e Karam

Mai Toh Be Sahara Hoon Daman Bhi Hai Khali

Nabiyon Ke Nabi Teri Shan Hai Nirali

Gham Ke Andheron Ne Ghera Hua Hai

Aaqa Dushwar Ab Jeena Mera Hua Hai

Bigri Bana Do Meri Aye Taiba Ke Wali

Nabiyon Ke Nabi Teri Shan Hai Nirali??????

Bigri Bana Do Meri Taiba Aaye Taiba Ke Wali doesn't look clear shirk? As Rasul Allah is not here neither he is omnipresent but he is calling him in naat???? And I saw in video that he sang this naat in front of Maulana Tariq Jameel also and Maulana Tariq Jameel is biggest Tablighi/Deobandi Preacher of Pakistan in the modern era, he didn't even stop him but rather he was listening along with more other peoples, furthermore there is also another naat which looks even more clear shirk and Junaid Jamshed sang this naat before death in the news channel which was in the memory of sabri brothers (one of the qawali group in pakistan) and the lyrics is "Bhar De Jholi Meri Ya Mohammad

Lautkar Main Naa Jaunga Khaali...there is also further but I didn't heard from Junaid Jamshed i.e Jab Talak Tu Bana De Na Tu Bigdi

Dar Se Tere Na Jaaye Sawali (this is also took as a Bollywood song in the Bollywood film of Salman Khan, Bajrangi Bhaijan), I am really tensed that Junaid Jamshed is mushrik and if yes so what about those who called him shaheed?? And also Maulana Tariq Jameel will be in same category who didn't stopped him???? kindly answer in detail plzzz


Question No 2 - There is widespread beliefs among Indian/Pakistani muslims (especially among the lay Muslim audience of deobandis and ahle hadees but not their ulama and ahle ilm) they hold this belief that we can't call a kafir as a kafir as because what if he died before converting to islam by reciting kalma e shahadat before death??? But here they also believes that we can't declare them non kafir or muslim at all from heart, they are real kafir or mushrik and can't be a Muslim and if they die without converting by reciting kalma they will abide in hell eternally and if he will convert by reciting kalma he will be Muslim and dweller of paradise while holding these true belief they says don't call them kafir because what if he died before converting to Islam by reciting kalma, but there is also opposite thing that i read one of the fatwa here in this askimam and also in darulifta-birmingham that calling true muslim a real disbeliever doesn't make person disbeliever as long as person don't regard it to be lawful as khawarij did, here a person call a true muslim disbeliever even then he is not out from fold of islam, what about that 2nd question? Does that belief don't call kafir as a kafir but holding this belief that they are kafirs if they will not accept islam before death, this belief constitute kufr??? Or it's just bidah (innovation)??? if it's kufr so maybe there is almost quarter or half population of Indian/Pakistani Muslims holding this belief so they are all kafirs if this belief is kufr?? Kindly answer in detail plzzz



Question No 3 - Is about seeking help of jinn and I only read fatwas of salafis and deobandis scholars and salafi scholars of arabia like former grand mufti of saudi arabia, abdul aziz ibn baz, and founder of salafi fatwa site islamqa.info, shaykh salih al munajjid and maybe also another scholar saeed ibn waqf al qahtiani (writer of hisnul muslim, the most popular Dua book among salafis and ahle hadees) they all hold the views that seeking help from jinn is shirk which makes person out from the fold of Islam, but ibn taymiyyah, ibn uthaymeen hold the views that it's only haram and could lead to shirk according to situation if means are shirk and kufr so it will be shirk if it will be sin and transgression so it will be sin and transgression, according to situation, also maybe current grand mufti of saudi arabia, abdul aziz aal ash shaykh also said that it is not permissable but he never said it's shirk, shaykh nasiruddin albani also said it could lead to shirk as jinn will not help until make a person to do shirk, the permanent committee for scholarly research and iftaa, riyadh, saudi arabia also have fatwa that it's shirk but somewhere it's written it could lead to shirk and somewhere it's written jinn will not help until he makes person to do shirk so those are the different answers, islamqa.info have the fatwa it's clear shirk and they fo llow opinion of ibn baz, qahtani and permanent commitee and islamweb have fatwa it's only haram, so salafi scholars differered, what is your opinion and also what is the opinion of ulama e deoband and ulama e hadees (ghair muqalid salafis of india, pakistan, bangladesh)


Question no.4 - That what is the difference between ahle hadees (ghair muqalid) and deobandi (hanafi)??? why they all time fights??? I didn't see the difference between their beliefs about tawheed like they don't permit seeking help from dead and they Don't regard Muhammad SalAllahu Alaiwasalam as omnipresent so why they fight all the time because of different way of prayer and many things??? And does ahle hadees thinks that deobandi are kafir?


Sir, plz answer all the 4 questions as these questions are like nightmare to me and what if these thing I thought will be correct I mean what if these all will be kufr or shirk so what about those lay Muslims who didn't knew about this died? What About Junaid Jamshed, they all will end up in hell forever????? Kindly explain in detail I beg u!!!!!! Jazakallah!!




In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

Brother in Islam,

You have sent us four questions at once. We have to attend to many queries on a daily basis.  You may select one out of the four and send one query at a time.

You may revert to us at admin@daruliftaa.net ref. Abdullah Sajid.

Furthermore, we also advise that you refer to your local scholars in India.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Abdullah Syed Sajid

Student Darul Iftaa
Houston, TX, USA 

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

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