Category: Miscellaneous
Fatwa#: 39432
Asked Country: South Africa

Answered Date: Nov 22,2017

Title: Interpretation of stool in a dream



I am very concerned about a dream I had. I walked into a bathroom after my father and found stool in the bathroom.What could this mean ?



In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

As-salaamu `alaykum wa-ramatullahi wa-barakatuh.

Stool could refer to wealth.[1] The stool in the bathroom (adjoined toilet) is normal. Hence, it refers to placing wealth in its appropriate place. If the stool is spread around all over, then it refers to placing the wealth in wrong places.

 You know your situation better and you can apply the appropriate interpretation.

And Allah Ta`ala Knows Best.

Hussein Muhammad.

Student Darul Iftaa


Checked and Approved by:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai.


تعطير الأنام في تعبير المنام (ص: 258)

 (غائط) هو في المنام مال فمن رأى أنه تغوط غائطاً صلباً جامداً فإنه ينفق مالاً في صحة جسم والغائط السائل يدل على النفقة الكبيرة ومن تغوط والناس ينظرون إليه فليحذر من فضيحة تبدو منه أو كلام قبيح ومن تغوط من غير قصد منه وأخذ الغائط وحمله فإنه يأخذ دنانير بقدر ذلك الغائط.

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