Category: Jurisprudence and Rulings (Fiqh)
Fatwa#: 39358
Asked Country: United States

Answered Date: Nov 12,2017

Title: Children coming to the Masjid



I had a question about children in the masjid. I wanted to ask about the ruling about children in the masjid. In this day and age where fitnah is everywhere, the masjid in my community discourages children from attending the masjid (which then sometimes includes the women). We have had many instances where the masjid has made it difficult for women to bring their children? The masjid does not provide proper items (changing tables in the bathroom, separate room for children and mothers) for children. Not only do they discourage the young children but even the teenagers. I teach at the Sunday School in my community and we are not allowed to use the Masjid to teach the children. I would like to know if children should be allowed in the masjid or not.

JazakAllah Khair.


In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

We appreciate your concern to educate children and make the facilities of the Masjid available for that. However, it is important to distinguish between a Masjid proper and the property of a Masjid besides the masjid proper.

Shari’ah has emphasized on respecting the Masjid in order to maintain the sanctity of the masjid[1]. We are aware of the conduct of babies and minor children. Such conduct will be against the sanctity of the Masjid. If the Masjid property has other facilities around it, the management should consider the educational needs of the children in that area.

You may make a dignified request with motivation to the management of the Masjid to create such a facility. Also make du’aa to Allaah Ta’aala to put effect in your effort. Leave the decision to the management and respect the outcome.


And Allaah Ta’aala Knows Best

Ibn al-Fawz

Student Darul Iftaa

New York, USA


Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.



[1]  الدر المختار شرح تنوير الأبصار وجامع البحار (ص: 89)

ويحرم إدخال صبيان ومجانين حيث غلب تنجيسهم، وإلا فيكره.


اللباب في الجمع بين السنة والكتاب (1/ 320) 

(وتعرض المسجد للنجاسات) لا معنى له، ولهذا أمر النبي [صلى الله عليه وسلم] أن يجنب الصبيان المساجد وإلى هذا ذهب مالك رحمه الله.


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