Fatwa#: 38890
Asked Country: United Arab Emirates

Answered Date: Aug 07,2017

Title: Istikhara guidance


As salaam Alykum,

May ALLAH bless all with good health and strong faith. I am doing istikhara for the marriage. I have known this person and engagement was finalised. Few months remaining for the marriage when the would be husband approached my parents and called off the engagement based on the no understanding and future predictions of me not potentially fit with his family culture. Next day he apologises my parents and would like to get back. Based on instability I decided to perform istikhara and revert with a response.

1st day Istikhara: I saw a flood outside my residence where the cars have been stuck and I am trying to find a solution. Second part, I have travelled with my friend to a clinic where I am given a vaccine for Incurable disease (HIV) and has been advised its life long.

Second day of Istikhara: Nothing. 

Third day evening before Istikhara: We start to argue trying to make each other understand our viewpoint and thats how we started to talk.

Third day of Istikhara: I am in a good market where different people came to trade and exhibition took place. Then I reached a place where chairs are kept for a lecture and my brothers and I approaching to take a seat when a sand storm was approaching. If we approach the sand storm, it approaches with high speed or else it is stagnant. 


Please advise me the interpretation of my dream as I am sure this is a sign for me but is it difficulty or a sign of annulling the relationship and not to give him a chance. Your swift answer will help me to provide an answer to my family.





Sister in Islam,

  • Your potential fiancé has called of the engagement,
  • There are negative   indications in the istikhāra dreams,
  • There are cultural differences.


Our advice is that you step back and rethink your marriage. You cannot proceed with the marriage just because you want to give him a chance. That will aggravate the situation.

Exercise precaution and do not think for a moment that you cannot get married to anyone else. It is better to be single and peaceful than married in grief.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Huzaifah Deedat

Student Darul Iftaa
Lusaka, Zambia 

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

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