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Fatwa#: 37682
Asked Country: United Kingdom

Answered Date: Jan 27,2017

Title: Please advise on whether we should be following the World Shur’a or the Europe Shur’a Dewsbury?



The present situation in Nizamudeen (India) is well known. This has had a major impact on the effort of deen, especially on those who are involved in the Tabligh Jama’at effort all over the world.

A Jama’at from the UK which has recently returned from Nizamudeen gave the following karguzari:

  • Muzakerahs that are currently taking place in Nizamudeen is taking us away from the previous elders tarteeb;
  • Muzakerahs in Nizamudeen are describing the elders who have left Nizamudeen for the safety of this work as ‘Munafiqeen’.
  • They are only sending Jama’ats to areas where there is support for Moulana Sa’d D.B. and the Amir which is appointed for these Jama’ats are trying to brain wash the jamaats which are coming from all over the world.

Taking the above into consideration there are the following 2 views:

  1. Jama’ats should still be sent to Nizamudeen (India) as is the current case.
  2. Jama’ats should not be sent to Nizamudeen (India) until the present situation that is occurring is resolved.

Question 1:

What is your opinion regarding this? Also, what is your opinion regarding the one who opposes this motion?


For the last 20 years Moulana Sa’d D.B. in Nizamudeen has started the following three a’mals without mashwera of the Shur’a:

  1. Muntakhab Hadith
  2. Dawat, taleem and istiqbal
  3. Five a’mals of the home

The Shur’a of Europe (Dewsbury) decided not to follow the above a’mals because there was no mashwera by the World Shur’a.

Furthermore, a Mashwera which was carried out by the World Shur’a in Raiwand in Nov 2016, it was decided that the amal where every country in the world was to present themselves to Nizamudeen every 2 years has to stop, as this amal was only a temporary amal due to the health issue of Hadhrat Moulana Inamulhasan R.A.

However, the Shur’a of Europe (Dewsbury) has still decided to go for Europe mashwera in March 2017.

Note: Even after the fatwa issued by Deoband, Mazahirul Uloom and other respected institution Moulana Sa’d D.B.and his followers are still misleading the Ummah.

Question 2:

Can you please advise on whether we should be following the World Shur’a or the Europe Shur’a Dewsbury (who are following Moulana Sa’d D.B. in Nizamudeen)?


In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.

One of the outstanding characteristics of the noble work of Da’wah and Tablῑgh initiated by Ḥaḍrat Maulānā Ilyas Ṣāḥib Raḥmatullahi ‘Alayh is common cause and unity. This has been the strongest cause of attraction for all to join and revive their Dῑn.

The noble work of Da’wah and Tablῑgh was not characterised with controversies and disputes. The recent development of Nizāmud Dῑn and Raiwind groups is most painful and is a cause of depriving the work from the mercy of Allah and Barakah.

As a product and ardent supporter of this noble work of Da’wah and Tablῑgh, such disputes and controversies are painful. It is my heartfelt Du’a that Allah remove these divisions and unite the work, and once again bless it with Raḥmah and Barakah. Ameen.

The elders of Da’wah and Tablῑgh of South Africa sought the guidance of the senior Muftis of South Africa on the issue. All the Muftis were unanimous in the Fatwā that Jamāts should not be sent to Nizāmud Dῑn due to Maulānā Sa’d Ṣāḥib’s incorrect statements. You may refer to our Fatwā on:

We have also attached the Fatwā of the other institutes of South Africa.

It should be pointed out that the Fatāwā were focused on the statements made by Maulānā Sa’d Ṣaḥib and not on the change of A’māl by Maulānā Sa’d Ṣaḥib.

While we maintain the position of our Fatwā on the issue, we also advise that every possible effort should be made to bridge the divide in this noble work to maintain its effectiveness.

A group of senior and influential people should endeavour to discuss the issue with Maulānā Sa’d Ṣaḥib and advise him on the worldwide divisions of the work.

As a first step, he should unconditionally retract the inappropriate statements that led the Muftῑs of Darul Uloom Deoband, Saharanpur, Dhabel to issue the Fatwā.

Secondly, Mashwarah is intrinsic to Da’wah and Tablῑgh. He should subject himself to Mashwarah.

Any person sensitive to the work of Da’wah and Tablῑgh will put the interest of the work and unity of Da’wah and Tablῑgh ahead of his personal opinion.

The core of the success of Da’wah and Tablῑgh is unity, non-controversy, and Mashwarah. The work of Da’wah and Tablῑgh should not be subservient to personalities and places.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

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