Fatwa: # 34493
Category: Marriage & Divorce
Country: Canada
Date: 5th October 2018


I wish to marry her


Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

How do I deal with missing some one? 

I am currently living in Canada but recently just came back from pakistan after visiting my family. When i was their I felt somthing for this girl and i can assure you that i didn't get any dirty thoughts about her. I just felt as if im in love with her beauty and her personality. I am now in canada and i cant stop thinking about her, i wish to marry her. How do i deal with this? For your information; the girl is my cousin. I cant put it in words how much i want to be with her, i have never felt this way before. I just want to know what i should do. Can i pray for her to be mine? thank you jazakallah!


In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salaamu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullaahi wa-barakaatuh.

Brother in Islaam,

It is clear that you have an infatuation for the girl you refer to. You should discuss your feelings about the girl with your parents and seek their wise counsel. In the meanwhile, do not let the vision and thought of the girl dominate your thoughts and be an obstacle in focusing in your ‘ibaaidaat and duties.

And Allaah Ta’aala Knows Best.

Muajul I. Chowdhury

Student, Darul Iftaa

Astoria, New York, USA

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.

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