Fatwa: # 19242
Category: Character & Morals
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 2nd May 2011


I committed Zina and i feel very about what i did


Assalamou alykoum wa rahmtou allah tala wa barakatouh.

Borther/Sister/Saydi al imam, I have a question to ask you if you will have some time to read this and answer me please. I have been carrying this in my chest for over a week, and I just can’t keep it any longer. A long time ago, around over 3 years ago, I have done something bad. I have done “Zina” with a girl, but because our relationship wasn’t good, we have split up right after. (May Allah forgive me and you of all our sins)

I have known this girl for long before this happens, and I can tell you that she has lost all of her friends because of the lies she says and the problems she creates between people, and her ability to twist people’s mind and convince them about any lies she says. All of her friends now hate her because of all the conflicts she has tried to create between them, and all the leis she says, in other word a burden on the society. At the moment all of the people that I know, and who know her too, can no longer believe anything she says and nor do I. I have never heard from the girl since the night I have committed the sin, until last week when a friend in common told me that she told him that she now has a child who is 2.5 years old and that the child is mine (but he still said that he couldn’t believe her, but he felt that he should tell me anyway)

Brother/Sister/Saydi al imam, my conscience never rested since that day, I have been thinking about it day and night, I have never had a rest since then and I am worried about my relationship with ALLAH and the reputation this girl can bring to me (Again because of her ability to convince people on anything she wants) and I am worried about my relationship with my parents, family and environment. I know what she said is not true, because she has taken a “No pregnancy” pill right after and because my calculations prove this is a lie… but i think it is because of the fact that I love kids so much, that I cannot stop thinking about it. Maybe this is a message from God so I go back to the “Tarik al Mustakim” and "Tawba", as since then I have gone back into praying my 5 times a day, and making the effort to go the mosque and helping whenever I can, with my ideas, money, and body and I plan to stay this way “Inshallah”.

Brother/Sister/Saydi al imam, I am not a bad guy (and may god help me stay this way) I try to help people whenever I can, I have even created a charity and I am organizing fundraising events to try to collect as much money for the muslim poor brothers and sisters as possible. I have always given good advises to people, I have always helped whenever I can, and I have always been good to my parents, and alhamdoulilah I have their “REDA” with me.

 I am not sure whether I want to ask you a question or just talk to you about this as my conscience is not in rest, but a good and supporting response from you to lift my spirits up and carry on with my life would be very much of a help to me. Thank you

Jazak allahu khayran.

Assalmou alaykoum wa rahmatou allah.


Assalāmu `alaikum Warahmatullāhi Wabrakatuh,

Jazakallah khayr for writing  and sharing with us the dilemma you find yourself in.

It often happens that young people fall into shaytān's trap as they get carried away with their emotions and desires.

Indeed, shaytān is our greatest enemy and we have to gather all our resources in avoiding his evil schemes.

May Allah Ta'ala assist you and all Muslims against our greatest enemy, Ameen.

Brother, you may be aware that even if it is proved in a laboratory that this is your child, according to the principles of Islam, you cannot claim this child.

Since you were not in nikāh, this child cannot inherit from you nor take on your name.

The child is 3 years old already and does not know you at all. There will be no point in coming into the child's life at all.

I suggest that you continue to make istighfār, make abundant dhikr, sincere tawbah, give lots of sadqah and serve Allah Ta'ala's deen in every way possible.

If Allah Ta’ala has forgiven you and decreed to conceal your sin, then nobody can harm you. Not even the girl. Everyone’s respect and fall is in the hands of Allah. Build a strong bond with Allah and you will find great peace and comfort. Also, frequent the company of some pious and learned Ālim and benefit from his knowledge.

Try by all means if you are ready and if you have the means, get married so that you are not caught up with your nafs again.

It will also be wise to become firm on the Sunnah of our beloved Nabī (Sallallaahu alayhi wassallam) and read / learn the Quran with understanding.

May Allah Ta'ala protect you from the evil schemes of shaytān and your own nafs. You may write again if you wish.

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best

Sister Fadila,
Social Dept.
Durban, South Africa


Checked and Approved by,
Muftī Ebrahim Desai.

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