Fatwa: # 19169
Category: Divorce
Country: United Arab Emirates
Date: 7th March 2011



my husband gave me first divorce verbally when we were fighting and having an intense argument. after 2 days we were back together and having normal relationship. then after a month again while we were fighting he gave me 2nd divorce verbally out of anger. we both have temper issues and say things to each other which we dont mean and just out of argument and due to lack of anger control we say bad things to each other now after 4 months he gave me third divorce. but we both don't want it and really regret it. we both have realized it's consequences. we have a daughter too. is there any way this divorce can be invalid in Islam? i want a detailed answer. Allah dislikes most divorce. is there any solution to our problem? looking forward to your reply as soon as possible.


As-salaamu 'alaykum,

Please reply to us with the exact words of divorce that were mentioned each of the three times divorce was given, in addition to how did you get back together (for e.g., merely by resolving the dispute, redoing the nikah, etc.). 


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