Fatwa: # 19016
Category: Daily
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 9th September 2010


In ramzan I have tried to increase my deeni activities, alhumdulliah I have been doing well Inshalllah may Allah accept my ibadat. However when I am in my ibadat especially


In ramzan I have tried to increase my deeni activities, alhumdulliah I have been doing well Inshalllah may Allah accept my ibadat.  However when I am in my ibadat especially namaz; lots of thoughts come into my mind that astigfirullah can only be likened to shirk or kufr.  For instance i was praying fajr namaz and praying attahiyatu at the end.  I was  thinking of the meaning for ashadu allah muhammedar rasullah when the thoughts came into my mind.  I am too scared to right the thought down.  Please help I don't know what to do and i am very confused and scared for the akhirah.




In the name of Allāh, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalāmu ῾alaykum wa Rahmatullāhi Wabarakātuh


At the outset, one should try to concentrate in every act of ibādah to attain the full reward and blessings of that action. Sālah is also very important part of ibādah. One should train himself/herself to gain full concentration in his salah. Regarding salāh, Hazrat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi RA mentions that one should ponder over the words while reciting. If after making an effort, one still has difficulty in concentrating then it could be shaitān trying to distract him from his salāh.

Abul Ala’ RA narrates that once Uthmān bin abil ῾ās RA came to Nabi karīm sallallāhu ῾alayhi wasallam  and said: O Messenger of Allah, verily shaitān intervenes in my prayers and confuses me. Nabi sallallāhu ῾alayhi wasallam  replied, “That shaitān is called “khinzab”, so when you perceive him (disturbing you) then seek protection in Allah from him and spit on your left side three times. Uthmān RA mentions that I practiced on this and Allāh jalla jalāluhu caused him to leave me.

( Sahih Muslim, Vol. 7, Pg. 20, Dārul Jīl, Beirūt)

If these thought continue then one should ignore such thoughts and continue with ones salāh . Inshā’Allah, there will be no sin rather you will be rewarded double for putting extra effort in salah.

We make dua’ that Allah  jalla jalāluhu assist you in your difficulty and give you a strong mind that is free from doubts.


And Allāh Ta῾āla Knows Best
Wassalāmu ῾alaykum


Ml. Abdur Rahman Shareef,
Student Dārul Iftā


Concurred by: Ml. Abduz Zaman, Student Dārul Iftā


Under the guidance of:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saheb
Dārul Iftā

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