Fatwa: # 18498
Category: Character & Morals
Country: Ukraine
Date: 16th February 2010


I married a Muslim guy and converted but he was cheating on me


i'm originally from Ukraine, came to USA, met a muslim guy, change religion and got married. but he was cheating on me a lot, specially the last year. i got pregnant and he found another girl, he was lying all the time, whenever i used to tell him the truth wat he was doing and with whom he used to tell me that i'm bad, started to heat me while i was pregnant, his parents was always on my side. he got married with that girl she s not muslim, nobody knew they did it. he rented a house for her, while i was sitting at home with no food, no money, no opportunity to go somewhere, he used to come just to sleep at home. he was planning to send me back to ukraine and no father relationship. when his 2nd wife came to me she didn't know that i was his wife, he represented me as i'm his sister and his son as nephew.she refused from him and divorced her on a phone. is it possible to divorce on a phone?he divorced me face to face, but the last day when i was there we had sex, does it mean we r wife and husband now?he refused from his son he said in front of her that it's not his baby, does it mean anything to the baby?i'm in Ukraine for more than 2 months now he doesn't care at all about us, doesn't call, no send money-nothing, wat should i do? he is playing single guy again. can i divorce him?can i ask for help in masjeed?give me some advice wat to do and how to act, i'm lost. i'm new in islam and want to raise my son as a muslim, but how?shukran



In the name of Allāh, Most Gracious, Most Merciful  

Assalāmu ῾alaykum wa Rahmatullāhi Wabarakātuh


Jazakillah for writing to us about your tragic situation. Sister, this man has been fooling around with you and the other lady too.

He appears to lack dignity and he does not fear Allah Ta’ala.

He is a very poor example of what a Muslim man should be.

You have unfortunately fallen into his trap.

It does not ;look like he  will be prepared to take any responsibility for you or the child.


You should consider going to the masjid for help as you have thought about it already.

Explain your situation to them , including your husband’s failure to take care of you and the child.

Find out how they can help you.

Alhamdoelillah you have accepted Islam and you are concerned about raising your child as a Muslim.

Insha’Allah  you will receive help at the masjid. If you do not have any finances nor any financial help, then you do qualify to accept zakaah money.

Please do not hesitate to ask the masjid for help as soon as possible.

May Allah Ta’ala protect, guide and assist you out of this difficulty, ameen.


And Allāh Ta῾āla Knows Best
Wassalāmu ῾alaykum 


Social Dept.
Checked and Approved by:


Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Dārul Iftā

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