Fatwa: # 17991
Category: Character & Morals
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 28th May 2009




I married to an English lady who led me to believe that she is Christian. She had 3 kids whom I looked after well. We had a baby girl together and we were reasonably happy family. When our daughter became about 10 years or less I asked my wife if we could have another baby. Her response was that I should be happy with just one  and she was the only child for her parent. When I insisted on her to try for another baby she said the only way that you can have another baby is by marring another, by that time she was a teacher and she wanted to pursue her career. She was offered a job in teaching English as a second language; it was a good opportunity for her to enhance her career. At the time I had my own business in London . While she was in I married a woman who entered Islam recently but before that she did not have a good reputation. She was not the ideal woman to marry. I my self did not follow the Islamic way of life as Muslim should. However, my wife started to hate Islam and declared her self as an atheist and became infatuated with Darwinism. She started to encourage my daughter to think like her. By that time I moved to Cornwall which was 300 miles away. I used to see my daughter but not often enough for me to affect her way of thinking. She was very good in her study she even went to Oxford university to study physics. In the mean time she took belly dancing as a hobby then she stated working in restaurants as a dancer against my wishes but with the encouragement of my ex-wife. As a result she failed her exam and returned to London to study in another university. In the last few years Allah has guided me to the straight pass and became a good Muslim and I am trying hard to help my daughter to become a practicing Muslim, I pray for her a lot and advice her a lot. My question now is:


I am very worried from the wrath of Allah for not embedding Islam into my daughter      while she was at young age and I was not a good example for her at the time. I am now married to a good Muslim woman and have a 2 year old son whom I am bringing him to be a very good Muslim. I appreciate if you can give me any advice regarding my daughter and to clarify my position with Allah as I mentioned I repented and I am on the right pass.      


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