Fatwa: # 17931
Category: Men
Country: South Africa
Date: 14th May 2009


The Hadith says men cannot wear red, so how about the Arab red scarf?


As salaama lai km warahmatullahi wa barakaatu.dear respected mufti saheb it is commom practice amongst the saudis to wear a red and white scarf,in the ahadith we learn that our nabi salalahu alaihi wa salam showed displeasure towards the use of red for men, would it be correct to say that the red scarf is makroo to wear for men?
is there any sharieh proof for the way the saudis meet ie they press cheek to cheek and make a sound with their lips. is this a bidat?


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatuh  


We apologize for the belated response.

1.        It is permissible to wear Saudi scarves that are red and white in colour. Wearing such scarves will not be Makrūh. The Fuqahā have allowed the wearing of such scarves as they are striped and not completely red in colour.  


جواز لبس المخطط مجمع عليه (طوالع الانوار،14/ق 557)


وقال بعضهم بتخصيص المنع بالثوب الذي يصبغ كله، اما ما فيه لون آخر غير الاحمر من بياض و سواد وغيرهما فلا (اعلاء السنن، 17/390،العلمية)



Furthermore, these scarves are worn on the head. The Fuqahā have allowed the wearing of red on the head, though it is completely red.


قوله ( وللشرنبلالي فيه رسالة ) سماها تحفة الأكمل والهمام المصدر لبيان جواز لبس الأحمر.......  أقول ولكن جل الكتب على الكراهة كالسراج و المحيط و الاختيار و المنتقى و الذخيرة وغيرها وبه أفتى العلامة قاسم وفي الحاوي الزاهدي ولا يكره في الرأس إجماعا (رد المحتار، 358/6،سعيد)

أحسن الفتاوي (8/62،سعيد)    

امداد الاحكام (4/359،كراجي)

امداد المفتين (ص 813، دار الاشاعت)


2.      The method explained in the query has no Shar’i proof. However, it cannot be considered Bid’ah, as Saudi’s do not consider this method as a Sunna or part of Shari’ah. It is a method they have adopted to express their love and happiness when meeting. If they consider this method as a Sunna or part of Shari’ah, it will be an innovation. We have attached to this answer a detail article on Taqbīl (kissing). 

And Allah knows best


Checked and Approved by:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa

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