Fatwa: # 17800
Category: Misc. Fiqh
Country: India
Date: 5th April 2009




Assalamualaikum, I am abdul khadar. My father his having a very bad habit of suspecting people and things without reason. And along with this he speaks so vulgarly that no in can speak. My mother is suffering from heart disease. Even knowing this and even after this age, my father doubts my mother and speaks and shouts to her so vulgarly in front of me itself that its so torturing.I am very much fed up of my father's mouth. He speaks beyond limit and does'nt even care to speak bad of allah and he does speak about allah to so badly. He never thinks what he speak. My kind request is can you please please suggest me one good dua, or namaz or ism to control my father's mouth and atleast change him to good.There is no peace in my house because of his mouth. I am going to get married shortly. In this situation if my fathers is still suspecting and speaking badly like this i dont know how to handle the girl who comes. I have started fearing that my life itself will get spoiled by his way of speaking. Kindly help me out of this.


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