Fatwa: # 17782
Category: Misc. Fiqh
Country: Pakistan
Date: 30th March 2009




assalam alaikum

i am 17 yrs old and take active part in tabligh mashallah.

my uncle comes up with these creepy things that i am unsure about and i tend to get in 2 minds as to what is correct.

some of his questions are:

1.tablighi people say that once a person reads the kalima , however much he sins, he will one day go to jannah . whereas the quran says that a person who kills another muslim will go in jahannam where he will live forever . can u pls explain this

2.the ulema say that on tauba , all your sins get wiped off. whereas the quran says that the killer will live in hell forever . similarly with hajj, can u do all the sins in the world , take people's money and then go for hajj and get your sins wiped off.

3.if keeping a beard is so important then why didnt allah mention in te quran only like he has clearly laid down the ahkamat for other things like prayer

4.same question with regards to music , if it was indeed a grave sin then allah would have mentioned it in the quran. he even gave the songs to hazrat daud . allah wont give any haraam thing to his prophet.

5. what are views about javed ahmed ghamidi . he is known for his moderate views which are in direct conflict with todays ulama.


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