Fatwa: # 17781
Category: Psychological and Social
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 30th March 2009




Asalamu'alikum Moulana,

I have two questions:

1. I am now 24 and I believe that I should be getting married.  As marriage is important as it means that you have completed half of your deen. 
   Moulana, my problem is I am not sure who to get married to.  My parents have not started looking for me and I do not know if I should go and find my own. 
   I wanted to know what is the Islamic ruling about marrying a white revert?  The problem I face with this is my parents come from bangladesh and if I get married to a revert they will
   have problems communicating with one another.  Also, I know in our cultures that people will talk but to me that is not a concern.  I am not sure if marrying a revert will be
   a wise move.  But when I spoke with a borther he advised me that as long as the revert is loyal, understand and caring for yourself and your parents then it should not be a problem. 
   He want as far as to say that I will get great rewards for it as I will be assisting and furthering her deed.
   Please Moulana, what is your advise regarding this matter.

2. This is relating to question 1.  Moulana, I want to know if finding a wife from a Islamic matremonial website is permissible?  Please visit www.singlemuslims.com.
   Please let me know if this website is ok.  I have been thinking about marriage quite alot now and I need to find a good wife for myself. Moulana, if you'd be so kind to make a dua
   for me for this.

Jazakallah kair    


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