Fatwa: # 17556
Category: Financial Transactions
Country: India
Date: 22nd February 2009


I pay over a lac rupees (Indian Rupees 100,000.00) in Zakath annually. As my income is completely white, I pay income tax to the tune of one lac twenty thousand rupees...My first question is...


I pay over a lac rupees (Indian Rupees 100,000.00) in Zakath annually. As my income is completely white, I pay income tax to the tune of one lac twenty thousand rupees (Indian Rupees 120,000.00) annually.

Since my savings are in the bank, I also get interest on my savings, which I use to help relatives and the needy.

My savings are in a government bank.

My first question is

  1. Can I use the interest on my savings to pay the government income tax?
  2. My second question is: Can we use the locker facility of a bank and let the bank deduct locker charges from the interest generated on the amount I have in my savings account?
  3. My third question is: We have recently found some cats that have started living just close to our bedroom. They are created lot of nuisance, and the whole night they keep fighting and making lots of noises. I want to get rid of them. Can I mix poison in food and offer to the cats?
  4. My fourth question is: Is it permissible for men to remove long untidy hairs from the eyebrows and unruly hairs from the face. I have a long sunnah beard?
  5. My fifth question is: If I have to attend some important meetings, can I trim my moustache during the 10 days of Zul Hajj?


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatuh  


1. In principle, interest money is Haram and cannot be used for personal benefit. It has to be disposed off to the poor and needy without the intention of reward. Government income tax is a legitimate charge. Using interest money to pay tax is impermissible, as one is using Haram money to fulfil ones personal need. However, if the government income tax is exorbitant and illegitimate, it will be permissible to use interest money to off-set that amount of tax that is illegitimate. This applies specifically when interest is accrued in a savings account of a government bank. We cannot issue a direct ruling to your question, as we do not know whether the income tax in India is legitimate or not. We advise that you consult a reputable Mufti of your country for a ruling on this matter.

(Fatawa Mahmudiyya, vol 16, pg 382, Faruqiyya)


2. It is not permissible to off-set charges for the usage of the locker facility with interest money. The usage of the locker facility is a service from the bank and is a legitimate charge. The usage of interest money in paying legitimate charges is not permissible, as one is using Haram money to accomplish a personal benefit.


3. Cats are the creation of Allah Ta’ala. We ought to respect the creation of Allah Ta’ala and not kill them. However, if they are harmful or cause distress to man as stated in your query, the local animal protection unit should be asked to get rid of them. Surely they will assist you. If after implementing all the necessary procedures in getting rid of the cats, they are still a nuisance, then as a situation of necessity, you will be excused for adopting some harsh measure against the cats as stated in your query.

(Al- Fatawa al-Hindiyya, vol 5, pg 360/361, Rasheediyya / Durr Al-Mukhtar, vol 6, pg 752, HM Sa’eed)

يجوز ( فصد البهائم وكيها وكل علاج فيه منفعة لها وجاز قتل ما يضر منها ككلب عقور وهرة ) تضر ( ويذبحها ) أي الهرة ( ذبحا ) ولا يضربها لأنه لا يفيد ولا يحرقها (رد المحتار)

الهرة إذا كانت مؤذية لا تضرب ولا تعرك أذنها بل تذبح بسكين حاد كذا في الوجيز للكردري (الهندية)

قرية فيها كلاب كثيرة ولأهل القرية منها ضرر يؤمر أرباب الكلاب أن يقتلوا الكلاب فإن أبوا رفع الأمر إلى القاضي حتى يلزمهم ذلك كذا في محيط السرخسي (الهندية)


4. It is permissible for men to remove long untidy strands of hair from the eyebrows and face.

(Radd Al-Muhtar, vol 6, pg 373/ vol 2, pg 418, HM Sa’eed / Al Fatawa al-Hindiyya, vol 5, pg 358, Rasheediyya)


ولا بأس بأخذ الحاجبين وشعر وجهه ما لم يتشبه بالمخنث كذا في الينابيع (الهندية)

لا بأس بأخذ أطراف اللحية إذا طالت ولا بنتف الشيب إلا على وجه التزين ولا بالأخذ من حاجبه وشعر وجهه ما لم يشبه فعل المخنثين(رد المحتار)


5. It is Mustahab not to trim the moustache etc on the first ten days of Zul Hijjah. A person will be rewarded for this. If one trims he moustache, he will not be sinful. If you intend to present yourself at a meeting and wish to trim the moustache, it will be allowed.

(Ahsan al-Fatawa, vol 7, pg 497, HM Sa’eed)


And Allah knows best

Wassalam u Alaikum


Checked and Approved by:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa

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