Fatwa: # 17303
Category: Divorce
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 11th November 2008


I once was writing a metaphor of divorce without any intention. After a moment due to confusion I thought there was intention when I wrote it, but after some thinking I realised there wasn't....


1) I once was writing a metaphor  of divorce without any intention. After a moment due to confusion I thought there was intention when I wrote it, but after some thinking I realised there wasn't. So I think I verbally said to myself ' there was no intention at the time of writing the metaphor but the intention came after a short while of writing this word'. And then after some more thinking I then said to myself  ' there was no intention at all''. Could you tell me if this would count if I did say this? would like to know If there was no intention at the time of writing the metaphor, but the intention came after a short while, would that count? Please note that there was no intention when the metaphor was written.  Also I would like to know, if a person WRITES e-mail to find out the ruling and on the e-mail its written that they said or wrote a metaphor with intention, but in reality they didn't say it or write it with intention or the metaphor was never spoken, would that count just because they wrote in the email that they said it or wrote it with intention, when really there was no intention at the time of saying or writing or it was not spoken ?

2) If  a person is in doubt and confusion about saying the statement "you are divorced.", and then speaks to a maulana and due to doubt and confusion that person thinks that he has said it and says to the maulana that he said the statement "you are divorced."and then after some thinking and recapturing he realises that he didn't say the statement. Would that count just because he said to the maulana when in doubt and confusion that he said it and after he realised that he didnt say and it was All doubt and confusion?

If I have confused you please ask me.


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatoh

After reading the contents of your email, we confirm that no divorce has taken place. The statements do not affect the validity of your marriage.

However, it is important that you treat yourself from the disease of Waswasa (doubt due to the whispering of Shaytaan). You should consult with a reliable Alim who has taken spiritual guidance under a reliable mentor (Shiekh) and take his advice on how to cure this disease. Shaytaan uses this tool of doubt /suspicion to mislead ordinary people from fulfilling their Shar’ie obligations and becoming engrossed in doubt.

And Allah knows best



Checked and Approved by:

Mufti Ebrahim Desai
Darul Iftaa 

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