Fatwa: # 16994
Category: Ramadan
Country: South Africa
Date: 6th August 2008


I am aneamic ...if i am fasting and reach a point where i feels that i cannot bare it anymore due to the weakness and headaches,


I would just like to pose a question on Pregnancy and Fasting.

Alhamdullillah i am 4 month pregnant and will be around 6 during the month of ramadhaan. Inshallah i have the intention to Keep all my fasts during this holy month as i beleive that i am fasting for Allah thus Allah will secure my pregnancy and take care of the unborn child with all the required nutrients.

I am aneamic and seem to get weak and loose all my engergy during midday whihc results in sever headaches even tho i do use halaala suitable vitamins. my question is, if i am fasting and reach a point where i feels that i cannot bare it anymore due to the weakness and headaches, am i allowed to break this fast and keep qadhaa after ramadhaan?

Could you please advise me on the above mentioned matter to the best of your ability?


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

In principle a pregnant woman and breastfeeding woman does not have to fast in Ramadan. She may make up her missed fasts after Ramadan. However, if such a woman does fast, she may break her fast and make up for it later. Our advise is you do not exert yourself if you annot. To practice on the concession granted by Shariah is also encourages. Furthermore pregnancy in itself is a great act of worship and yields great lofty rewards for the women.


وقد ذكر المصنف منها خمسة وبقي الإكراه وخوف هلاك أو نقصان عقل ولو بعطش أو جوع شديد ولسعة حية ( لمسافر ) سفرا شرعيا ولو بمعصية ( أو حامل أو مرضع ) أما كانت أو ظئرا على ظاهر ( خافت بغلبة الظن على نفسها أو ولدها ) وقيده البهنسي تبعا لابن الكمال بما إذا تعينت للإرضاع ( أو مريض خاف الزيادة ) لمرضه وصحيح خاف المرض      [الدر المختار ج3 ص461 دار المعرفة]


( قوله خاف الزيادة ) أو إبطاء البرء أو فساد عضو بحر أو وجع العين أو جراحة أو صداعا أو غيره ومثله ما إذا كان يمرض المرضى قهستاني ط أي بأن يعولهم ويلزم من صومه ضياعهم وهلاكهم لضعفه عن القيام بهم إذا صام        [رد المحتار ج3 ص463 دار المعرفة]

And Allah knows best


Mufti Ebrahim Desai (M2)
Darul Iftaa

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