Fatwa: # 15707
Category: Prayer (Salaat)
Country: South Africa
Date: 2nd October 2007




As salaam mualaykum
re: IQAAMAH before fardh salaat for males and females
pls advise the foll -
1. do males have to make iqaamah before performing Fardh salaat individually (on their own)
2. Females normally performed Fardh salaah on their own - do they also have to make Iqaamah before every fardh salaat - and must it be done loud or soft.
3. is Iqaamah given for qadhaa fardh salaat as well - if i'm performing qadhaa umri and reading several fardh salaahs one after the other, do i have to make iqaamah for each qadha fardh.



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