Fatwa: # 15700
Category: Character, Morals (Akhlaaq)
Country: Pakistan
Date: 2nd October 2007


The brother wants to repent from Zina


There is a man in my friend list who was involve in adultery from class 10th. at that time he considered that he was doing wrong, but how much wrong, like he could be stoned to death for this thing, he didn’t know that. Firstly he did it with same sex but then he try to do the same thing with his female cousins. Then this became his habit but Most of the time he did sex with same sex.

Now he is 23 years old. 6 years back he came to know that this was the worst thing and was very haram things. He did astaghfar but as we all know when one thing becomes your habit you have to struggle hard to overcome it and he failed to overcome it. After repentance he did the same thing again did astaghfar and after few months he did the same thing.

Last year he did aiteqaf on my request and he made oath not to do that again. Now finally he became somehow successful in not doing that again but when his old Sex friends call him or SMS him he agree to go with them gave them time but don’t go there. Mean his mind forces him to go there but he physically he don’t go there.

Now he bought tafseer ibn e kathir and Tafseer by molana maududi and DVDs of Dr. Israr ahmed and trying to learn Arabic to understand Quran as well. To my mind he is now some how able to control his desire or just tried to take the first step.

Now when he read Surah An-noor and the first few ayat and the tafseer he got shocked and said me to beat him with hunter 100 and thousands of time till he dies. He said me i am unable to control my eye and my ears and my tong, the only thing i am trying to control is the thing which is in between my legs and I am still afraid then going astray again. So I deserves the punishment, repentance don’t work in my case.

When I said that there is no law for thin in he said “ok I want to go to saudia i will go there and surrender myself”. I said they will deport you.


Know you tell me. what to do? How to make him feel good? Do this all is denoting that his repentance is not accepted by Allah or is there any other reason. Is there any solution? He is not psyche. He had completed his graduation with good GPs but I can’t understand his condition.

It’s my personal request to all people reading this message to please give this message personal attention Especially Mufti Sb. Please do reply me and please contact me personally if you can.

I will get you connected with him

I shall be thankful to all you there,

Jazakumu Allahu khairain

Salam o aliakom Warehmatullah


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatoh

Masha-Allah, the brother is sincere. He should be rest assured that his sins are already forgiven. He does not have to be stoned to death. That is if he did the immoral act in an Islamic country that rules with such laws. Even in that situation too, it is advisable to conceal ones faults and make Tawba. The brother regrets his wrongs, he is exercising restraint, that is sufficient for his Tawba. Allah is Most Merciful and Most Forgiving. The best personality for cure of such sicknesses and bad habits is Hadhrat Hakeem Akhtar Saheb Madda Zilluhu. The brother should go to this great Waliyullah and discuss his Islah with him and seek further guidance  from Hadhrat.

And Allah knows best


Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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