Fatwa: # 13128
Category: Beliefs and Practices (Aq...
Country: United States
Date: 3rd November 2004


Fabricated Ahadith in Fazail Amaal


(1) Is is true that the book Fazail-e-Aamal contains many fabricated hadith?

(2) Was the author of the book, i.e., Moulana Zakaria Kandhlavi a high ranking pious scholar and within the fold of Ahlus-Sunna wal Jamaat?

(3) Is it a sin to read the book Fazail-e-Aamal on basis that it (supposedly) contains many fabricated hadith?

(4) Is it a sin to encourage other Muslims to read the book Fazail-e-Aamal in their houses?

(5) Is it a sin to give the book Fazail-e-Aamal to other Muslims as a gift item?

(6) Is it a bidaat and/or sin to participate in the efforts and programs of the Tablighi Jamaat? Jazakumullah Khairaan


1. There are a few fabricated Ahaadith, but the author has pointed these out. 

2. He was a very high ranking aalim, Muhaddith and Sufi of his time.

3. It is not a sin. Many compilations of Ahaadith, which the Ulama use, have some fabricated Ahaadith. Does it mean we have to discard all these important compilations? In many cases, these fabricated Ahaadith have supporting proofs.

4. It is not a sin.

5. It is not a sin.

6. It is not Bid'ah, rather it is encouraged.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best



"A common comment made against Fazail-e-A’mal is that some of the narrations mentioned in it are weak and fabricated. This comment is not totally correct, as there are no fabricated narrations in this book. There are dha’eef (weak) narrations in Fazail-e-A’mal. However, it is important to point out that the word dha’eef, literally translated as ‘weak’, is a terminology and should not be understood in its general sense. Its application is based on the rules explained in the sciences of hadith. Moreover, weak narrations are not acceptable only in regards to aqeedah and the rulings of Islamic jurisprudence. Majority of the scholars have accepted weak narrations as far as virtues of good deeds are concerned. Even Imam Bukhari (Rahimahullah) has brought weak narrations in his book, Al Adabul Mufrad, which shows that he also accepts weak narrations in regards to virtues of good deeds."

Please see : Q : The followers of Tabligh jamaath regarding Fazail-e-Amaal as the main guide book, although it contains information directly contradicting Quran and hadith

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