Fatwa: # 12092
Category: Beliefs
Country: United Kingdom
Date: 14th July 2004


Is it permissible to read behind a barelvi imaam who has the following aqeedah?


In our mosque, we have posters saying ?Ya Muhammad? and ?Ya Abdul Qadir Jilani ?, before every azaan salatu salaam is read, when the azaan is complete i.e when La ila.ha illallah is read by the muazzin, everyone in the mosque then says muhamadarasool.allah, isn?t this bid?at? The imam also says negative things against wahabbis. My cousin once read namaaz in this mosque, and he told me to repeat the namaaz because namaaz can?t be read behind an imam with such an aqeedah, is this correct, I?m very confused, I am a deobandi myself but there isn?t any deobandi mosque?s in our area and therefore I go to read behind a barelvi imaam


The Hadith teaches us that we should read Salaah behind even an impious imam. Therefore, in general, it is permissible to read Salaah behind a Barelvi.

If, however, the imam has any belief of kufr, then obviously he is not a muslim and it would not be permissible to read Salaah behind.

We should be very cautious regarding declaring a person a kaafir. The actions that you have mentioned, although they in themselves may be bid?ah, but they will not render the imam a kaafir.

You may read Salaah behind this imam. You should not be part of any of their activities. Just perform your Fardh and leave. If however, you find that it is disturbing you, and you cannot concentrate or you are uneasy, then you may perform your Salaah in some other Musjid.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Ml. Imraan Vawda

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