Fatwa: # 11956
Category: Marriage
Country: Pakistan
Date: 3rd November 2004


I am impotent due to excessive masturbation. At this stage parents want to make my marriage. What I should do? Is it must for me to obey their order?


I am 23 years old. I did not do the masterbation intentionally. I was unaware from this damage. I was not aware that I am wasting my self. But when I came to know I immediately stop this bad habit. Now 6 years have been past and I never done masturbation. But due to excessive masturbation for 5 years before these six-years I am feeling myself empty and don't have power/energy to do marriage but parents are insisting me to do marriage after six-months. What I should do now. Is there some way to get my lost health again and will it be possible for me to do marriage. I don't have any friend/cousine nor any elder person to discuss my problem. Pls help me.


It would be unfair upon your wife if you would get married in this condition. Seek medical attention and try to restore your sexual health. There are remedies available for such situations. Once you have recovered, you may get married. Inform your family that you are undergoing some treatment, and once you have completed, you will consider marriage.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Ml. Imraan Vawda

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