Category: Financial Transactions
Fatwa#: 11801
Asked Country: Pakistan

Answered Date: Jun 19,2004

Title: I am working in a software company. They are planning to offer medical coverage to their employees.


I am working in a software company. They are planning to offer medical coverage to their employees. They will give some premium per annum(e.g. Rs.5000/- per employee) to an Insurance company. This insurance company will then provide a medical card to each employee. We can then avail a certain limit (typically Rs.75000/- per year) for hospitalization expenses. Would it be halal for us to avail this under followinbg conditions. (1) If the company pays all the premium (2) OR If our company forcefully deducts premium from our salary. (3)If our company deducts premium from our salary but gives the option that u may take it or not (4) In any of the above 3 cases, will it be halal for us to avail the hospitalization expense uptill limit the company paid for.( i.e. 5000/- ) . Please look into the insurance company procedure so that you may get some more understanding of their procedure. Jazak Allah.


1. If the company pays the entire premium on behalf of their employees, it falls under the category of Tabarru (gift). Therefore, it will be permissible to benefit from the medical scheme.

2. If, by law, employers are compelled to deduct medical aid allowances from their employees, then you will be excused. You will be allowed to take benefit from the medical aid to the amount of your contribution towards the scheme.

3. If the company offers the option to medical aid on a voluntary basis, then it would not be permissible for you to take the option as it contain elements of interest and gambling.

4. It will be permissible to take benefit of the general company limit as it is a gesture from their side.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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