Fatwa: # 11656
Category: Beliefs
Country: Afghanistan
Date: 27th May 2004


people say taweez is shirk/haram/major sin and got proof, yet your site says different


there has been proofs from the hadith of Ahmed that prophet muhammed said that amulet is shirk, yet people say that tavees is also shirk, on your site it says that its a cure since its got verses of the qur'an, i had one on my neck to protect me from sleepwalking because i had a habbit of going downstairs and doing something dangerous when i was at the age of 12, my parents made me wear it. the proof from ahmed says Mohammed (s.a.w) said :Those who hang (wear) amulets have ascribed partners to Allah (meaning they have committed SHIRK)Ahmed does that mean i have commited shirk? can Allah forgive a muslim who commited shirk? because for the last few days i been doing nothing but repenting but now im beginging to think why am i bothering because on your and many other site it says aLLAH S.W.T wont forgive such a sin-IF Taweez is a major sin then all people in pakistan, india iraq and many other countries have commited this sin


If a Taweez contains words of Kufr and Shirk or one regards the taweez to be the ultimate Curer, then that is Shirk. This is the meaning of the hadith

If one wears taweez that has verses of the Qur?aan and does not regard the taweez to be the ultimate curer, then that is permissible and that is not Shirk.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

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